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Tipu's Legecy Sulthan Bathery
Tippus Sulthan erected the batteries to supervise the movements of enemy ships or soldiers. The renovated Sulthan Bathery near Urva is one such monument worth to visit. The tourist can also enjoy the river in the vicinity.

Pilikula Nisargadhama
Located at Mudushedde, just 10 Kms from Mangalore, Pilikula Nisargadhama is an integrated nature park that will offer a delightful variety of attractions to the eco-tourist and nature lovers. Spread over 300 acres of land the park has a lake with boating facilities, a wild life safari, a mini aquarium and science center

Someshwara Beach
The beach at Someshwar is spread with rocks of different shapes and its delight to watch. The waves hit these rocks and recede. Swimming in the neighborhood is discouraged. However tourists could enjoy the waves and is a delightful picnic destination.

Jamalabad Fort
Jamalabad is famous for its fort built by Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore in 1794. The fort was renamed after his mother Jamalbee. The village, which lies at the foot of a high rock, forms a part of the Kudremukh range of hills nearBelthangadi

New Mangalore Port
New Mangalore Port is a modern all-weather port situated at Panambur; Mangalore Being called 'Port city1 is due to this port, which links the Karnataka state to all the major cities through sea route.

St. Mary's Island (Malpe)
This small group of islands lying 58 km north of Mangalore and little to the north of the port of Malpe town. St. Mary's Island are known for their famous basalt rocks which have crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic.

Bajpe. International Airport
Mangalore International Airport is located near Bajpe, around 20 kms. north-east of the city centre. Daily domestic flights are available to Mumbai and Bangalore. From October 2006 onwards it became the International Airport. And is a nice place to visit too.

Surathkal Beach
This beach is known for its clean surrounding and its lights house. This beach is a few minutes from National Institute of Technology Karnataka.

Govt. Museum
At Bejai Col. VR. Mirjkar's donation of a bunglow and rare collections that the doctor grouped together in several years are established into Srimath Bai Memorial Govt. Museum.

Kaup Beach
Situated 12 kms south of Udupi. On the coastal belt that passes through the west coast National Highway, Kaup has lovely beach, a ruined Fort and an old 100 ft. high Lighthouse. The two temples of Godess Mariamma in Kaup are famous.

Kadri Park
One of the oldest park in Mangalore. The lush green and serene surrounding in this park makes it a pleasant place. May it be for a morning walk or for yogas or exercises? Kadri Park is one such place for your early morning hangouts.

Thannibavi Beach
This is one of the best beaches of Dakshina Kannada. One can enjoy the sunset view here. It is about 12 kms. away from bus stand. A must visit place.
Nethravathi River
It is the longest river in South Canara District. The bridge constructed over this connects from Mangalore city to Ullal area which further heads towards Kerala. The beautiful view seen of this river from the bridge is worth watching.

Manasa Water Park
The amusement park, situated at Pilikula near here, is being promoted by G.M. Amusement & Leisure Park Ltd. The park has been developed on 15 acres of land leased out to the company by the Karnataka Government through the Pilikula Nisarga Dhama Society here. It has been approved by the Karnataka Ministry of Tourism. A nice holiday spot for the entire family.
Thousand Pillars Temple (Moodbidri)
Savirakambada Basadi (Thousand Pillar Temple) built in 1462 AD. It contains 1000 unique carved pillars which makes it an exception and is an extraordinary tourist spot and must visit place for people who wants to unleash the historical life style. It is 60 km away from Mangalore City.

Gokarnatheshwara Temple
Kudroli Gokarnatheshwara Temple at Mangalore is the only Temple in Karnataka set by Sri Narayana Guru, the great philosopher, Saint and social reformer from Kerala

Mangaladevi Temple
One of the famous temples in D.K. was built by Bahagavan Sri Parashuram before 2500 yrs. The temple was renovated by King of Tulunadu Kundavarma in 950 to 980 A.D. It is situated 2 kms. From the heart of the city.

Sri Kudupu Kshethra
Kudupu Village, near Mangalore city in Karnataka State has earned name and fame by it s hoary past where at the devotees Ananthapadmanabha and Subrahmanye manifested themselves many years ago. This holy village temple is located only 10 kms. From Mangalore on the way to Karkal.

Kadri Manjunath Temple
Kadri is another ancient historic spot in Mangalore. The Kadri temple dating back to about 968. A.D. with its nine tanks, its square temple, nestling at the foot of the highest hill, draws to Mangalore hundreds of visitors annually. It is situated 4 kms. away from Mangalore City.

St. Aloysius Church
The St. Aloysius Church was constructed in 1885 by Rev. Fr. Joseph is designed on the architectural style and pattern of the Orator of St. Philip Neri in Rome. It has a marvelous gallery of paintings done by Br. Anthony Moschemi from 1902 to 1904.
Kukke Subramanya
Mythologically prominent temple of South India. Kukke Subramanya is on the bank of river Kumaradhara. It is surrounded by evergreen western ghats & kumara hill at the back drop. Devotees offer prayer to cure skin disease and perform serpent related rituals. The temple is in Sullia taluk of DK District 105 kms. From Mangalore.

Milagres Church
The Church of Our Lady of Miracles, Milagres, better known as Milagres church, was built by Bishop Thomas de Castro, a Theatine priest of Salsette in 1680. It is thus more that 300 years old. The Church contains the miraculous shrine of st. Antony of Padua, the great Wonder Worker. The Church is probably one of the many artistic houses of prayer in the District.
Hull Vesha(Tiger Dance)
In the time of the Vijayadashami this dance with music of chende can be heard every nook and corner of this region.

St. Rosario Cathedral
The city's oldest Cathedral was built in the year 1568 by the Portuguese is a standing witness to its history.

Infant Jesus Church
This church dedicated to Infant Jesus of Prague, was built in 1996 in the form of a crown. The church is situated on Carmelhill at Bikarnakatta, Mangalore-Karkala road, 4 kms. from the city centre.
Sayyad Madani Mosque
Sayyad Mohammed Shareeful Madani Darga, Ullal: This Darga was built in the memory of Saint Sayyad Madani and is one of the main mosques in the region. The Uroos conducted once in 5 years is famous here

Eidgah Masjid
The traditional Islamic festivals of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha are celebrated. Special Eid prayer is offered during these two occasions. Mangalore city has a centralised Eidgah in Bavuta Gudda where congregational special prayers or Salat al Eid is held. This mosque which is said to have been built by then Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan

Zeenat Baksh Mosque
This mosque is believed to be built by the Raja Cheruman Perumal of Malabar. Later Tipu Sultan, during his reign he got the mosque renovated with intricately carved wooded pillars. The ceiling set on the roof also is said to be part of his generosity.

Cock -Fight (Kori Katta)
Kori Katta is an ethnic sport very much popular in villages. The Cock which are groom for this sport are made to fight each other and generally witnessed by a large crowd. A tiny knife is tied to cock's leg and the winning side is rewarded in the form of cash.

Kambla is a well known sport of this region. The roots of this famous sport can be traced back to 1,000 years. According to old-sources, Kambla was a day when farmers paid obeisance to the Gods for protecting their crops. It was a festive get-to-gether with buffalo exhibition and games.

A fascinating folk drama with colourful costumes with musicand dancing. This well known art is the pride of this region.

In hey days - In Dakshina Kannada the guests were served with what is popularly called as 'Bonda1. The serving of tender coconut still holds sway. The choiced tender coconut water is said to have healing properties.

Bangude (Mackerel)
Any one who relishes fish cannot forget the lingering taste of Bangude Fry or Bangude Masala. The Mackerel fish when cooked in spice or roasted give special aroma; difficult to resists served with Mid day meals or Dinner.

Kori Rotti
This preparation made of rice and served with spiced chicken curry is a delight to the ballet. Any discerning visitor cannot miss this ethnic dish which is unique to the coastal town.
Its a festival delight and very special preparation made out of rice and coconut and few chosen spices. The dugh so made is poured into a special leaf which is said to have medicinal properties and baked in a special vessel pathrvode is occasionally served in choiced restaurants too